Hey! I’ve been looking at Mass effect things lately and I’ve come across a nice question that caught my attention! What Mass Effect character would you love to see in a stand alone game? And I’ve been thinking….

Here are those I’d love to see!!

Mordin : My first thought went on him because he was in STG (Special Task Group) when he was younger who are like secret agent. Would make an excellent game !! Action and story wise would be AWESOME.

Garrus : Between Mass effect 1 & 2 the way he became Archangel.

Tali : Either her pilgrimage not on the normandy or in their homeworld ( The ending with the Geths alive). Would be nice to see evolution and stuff.

Liara : It would be nice to have maybe a DLC of her while being shadow broker. Little mission and stuff, but maybe not a full stand alone game.

Wrex : Uniting the homeworld and maybe little war with each other. (A DLC maybe more than a full game though)

Thane : He was an assassin. So a game like assassin creed would be really awesome!! On the Hanar world or something. Yup, I would so play assassin creed if thane would be in it.

Legion : I know. He died. But I would LOVE with the quarian game maybe can play the geth side too!

For now I can’t think of anything else. What are yours? 🙂

FYI : I’ve not gone through the Mass effect 3 DLCs and the new party members so that’s why I am not talking about them yet. I’ll do another post about that when it’ll be time.