• Potatoes – Not too much, but you need to put enough.
  • Carrot – As much you like
  • Onion – As much you like
  • Pepper – As much you like (optionnal)
  • Chicken – Try to balance the chicken with the rest of the ingredients
  • Cream – Choose the cream the % you like. You can always thicken it later.
  • Broth – The broth is optional, it can be any broth.
  • Curry powder – To your liking.
  • Other : Rice or noodle for under the curry.


Make your rice or noodle before or at the same time as the curry. It all depends how long it takes. Try to time everything, that way nothing will become cold.

For the curry :

  1. Cut everything before hand. Add onion and chicken with a little bit of olive oil or butter.
  2. Cook until chicken is not pink anymore and the onion well cooked. Should take about 5-10 minutes.
  3. Add sliced carrot, peppers and potatoes and let them cook a little.
  4. Add Cream (and broth if desired) and add curry to your taste. For the quantity of the cream I’d say if you want it creamier and with more liquid put more. If you like your curry a little bit drier put less. Let boil everything on medium heat until potatoes and carrot are tender. You can cover for no evaporation.
  5. To help it become thicker you can add flour or cornstarch. Et voilà!

Fair warning : If you like crunchier pepper put them at the end and cook them 3 minutes. Also, I did not write the quantities because it varies for every one and for how many people you are. You like more carrots? Put more in it!