So, one of my favorite games of all time is Skyrim. Weird enough when one of my friends tried to show me Oblivion, I didn’t even like it. I did the first mission where you need to get out of the cave but… Then I didn’t really like the rest of the game. It was in 2007.

Fast Forward to now and I’ve put almost more hours in Skyrim than in almost all of my games united ( Yeah, I said almost because there are some games that are as good).But as everyone knows, the vanilla (default) game has some issues…. So I will talk today about…


I remember when I started I didn’t really know what it was or what to do. But know I’ll give you some of my Essential mods and my most liked. Little disclaimer : These are the mods I chose, so if you do not agree and have others, feel free to leave a comment below!

Here we go.

First you need a tool to mod you game :

  • Nexus Mod Manager  is the first one I chose and used for quite some time. It’s easy to use and for newcomers it’s the safest way after the Steam Workshop.
  • For the more experience an other mod called Mod Organizer is needed. It helps put your mods into the good position when loading, preventing crashes. Trust me, when you have a lots of mods it is not only useful but mandatory. It can also tell you which mod is behaving. It is also, now, my favorite mod managing tool.

You can also install the mods manually but that is… complicated and I won’t talk about it here.

So, for the first post I will only talk about the Essential mods. The one you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT :

  • SKSE : THE tool you need to make your mods work. A lot of the mods won’t work if you don’t have it installed. It’s fairly easy to install.
  • The Unofficial patches : So much game breaking moment or just glitches that are corrected by those. You can either download the Legendary patch or the base patch and the DLC’s individually. I did the latest because some of my mods just don’t like the legendary one aha! (You’ll notice that some times.)
  • Sky UI : This is one of the mods that makes a lot of changes in the inventory system and other things such as Matter of time need this mod. Really nice addon to your game.
  • A Matter of time : It goes with Sky UI and it gives you a clock on the upper left side ( default position) of the screen, letting you see what time it is.
  • Race menu : There are more than one, but I like this one.  You need SKSE to make it work too. It allows you to customize more your character; for instance the height, weight, color of skin (More than just the base ones) etc!
  • Paarthurnax Dilemma : Yes I will put this here. I will admit the first time I’ve done the main quest…. Well… The further I went was when you have to kill him. I did not do it. I admit I did not even pass the main quest even though I have more than 1000 hours in the game. It is a must for me.
  • A body replacement for your character: I play a female all the time and the vanilla one is boring and … not so feminine. My favorite is the CBBE but there’s a ton of models as UNP, 7Nbase and more. It’s just a really nice change of view because while you play in 3rd person it’s the back of your character that you see.

So those are the mods you cannot open you game without. I hope you like my first post because next there will be the mods I cannot game without but are more gameplay wise than program wise.

See you soon!