Since I was young I was always attracted to video games. Maybe because the only sibling I could really play with was my step-brother and I had so much fun playing games with him that it just stayed.I had a Playstation 1 at my moms, but it wasn’t really mine and I couldn’t play much. But when I got to my dads house, oh boy I had fun. Because we were two that wanted to play with the console, in my top 10 there will be a lot of games that can play coop, or just level base game  – we had lives or whole levels that were ” ours ” and we took turns playing-. And because when I was young, those games were fast passed and not that cheap, we had copies for some games… Yup, some that I still have to this day. And please bear with me: There is not a lot of RPGs or some iconic games just because … Well, just because those weren’t the games we had. So without further chatting lets get starting with the top 10 !

10 – Star Wars : Jedi Power Battles


I put it in 10th place for some reasons. Yes the story was nice, the characters where diversified – I remember I could choose between like 6 characters maybe in the character screen – and it was nicely made even for coop… But the controls… God they are awful. I’ve recently tried to play it and… I can tell that I understand why we were so damn bad at this game. And the platforming… You never knew where the platform was place so you’d die a lot trying to make that jump. And it didnt just make you loose health. It was an one shot, you either had it or died. But it has a lot of nostalgic memories attached to it and it had quite some levels so yeah!

9 – Tony hawk pro skater 2


I should say, the reason its on this list is more of an nostalgic factor, because I’ve not played a skate game since this one. It was one of the two games I owned on my Playstation and I had so much fun with it. Oh and yeah, you could skate as spider man. How could it not be awesome?

8 – Bugs Bunny : Lost in time


I’ll be true. I’ve forgotten this game for the list. But when I saw the cover I could not not include it in here. The Story was funny, the levels were so diversified … And did I say it was fun? Quirky and really pleasant to play. You wouldn’t be able to finish a world one shot. You’d have to go further and come back to unlock things so you’d play between different worlds : Medieval, Dinosaurs, Space, even a early 30-50 London where you would go after mafia dudes. Oh what good times. That way it was not ” all the same ”. You’d meet some of the cartoons character as the witch, duck and the hunter (not saying their names, funnier this way). And merlin. He didn’t care. Oh yeah there was a pirate. I loved that pirate because he would just explode into anger from the smallest bits.

7 – Crash Bash


I’m already hearing you. BUT THE REAL ONES WERE SO NICE. Yeah, I’ve tried to stay at one game per franchise… But lets be honest, if you had a Playstation, you probably played more crash game than any other franchises. Mostly because they are like 5 games at the very least, but also because they were great. Crash bash was new for me. You could compete with people over bots to win games and then pass onto the next level of the … spaceship? I don’t know where we were. But the diversity ( yeah I know I say this a lot but it’s because a lot of games nowadays don’t do that) of the games that you had to play, tanks, jumping on …. sticks?, the spinning penguin level on ice, the polar bear riding… and I pass. It was so much fun to play and we had a blast playing those level. Somes were real fun but some oh my god they were hard. Oh yeah and fuck the first level of every shit ever. Those things with the balls were NOT HOOMAN.

6 – Rayman 2


I don’t have a lot of explanation for this one. It was nice, the story was awesome and you felt like doing something good. I didn’t play the first one, but I fell for the second. The gameplay was nice, the levels were so different. In the underground… where a thing-like death-spider was, the underworld with the one eyed monster, the forest, pirate base, Lava pits while being on a … berry? Riding dog missiles… Did those words brought back memories? I hope so because they are nice memories.

So that concludes the first part of my top PS1 games. I know I’ve cut short but it seems better this way 🙂 What are your top 10 to 6 of PS1?

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Thanks !