I’ve been sick so I couldn’t post the rest of my Top 10 this week, but here I am and I’ve got for you my favorite games of the Playstation. the first 5 !

5 – Spyro : Year of the dragon


So for my fifth position I have Spyro : Year of the dragon. The reason my favorite is the third of the series… It was the only one I had. I remember the first world like it’s my house. I’ve done it so many times. The worlds are really thought through. There were a lot of different levels and means to beat them. One is a swimming level where you had to save seals, the other one is a ice level where you can’t breath fire but instead you breath ice… to save penguins. The mechanics were diversified and they were really aweome! So much mini games, and with the other playable characters too!

Each of the worlds have a new specie you need to help in order to , in this game, collect the eggs that are lost and restore peace. There was one level where you had to free an animal, Sheila the Kangaroo, Sergeant Byrd the penguin, Bentley the yeti, and Agent 9 the space monkey. Once you paid for their release you had to do their level in order for you to unlock them in other places in the worlds. Once you help the characters in a specific level, by finishing the level, he come in the over world and help you to go to the next one by building or repairing a balloon, spaceship etc. I still remember when I was little it took me so long before being able to finally confront the sorceress, the final boss…. Only because she was in a dark and creepy corridor. Oh and something I liked was the bunny, has the same name as me! It made the game a little more special for me!

4 – Harvest Moon : Back to nature


For my number four, I put one game that I am really fond of. It’s the first time I had played an Harvest moon, I never had a console older. And even today… I can’t stop remembering this harvest moon and how nice it is and how everything is smooth. Even if the graphics were bad, like your hands are balls bad, the gameplay was nice for the rest of it. You start with a farm your grandfather gave you, like all the harvest moon even now. You need to ” restore it to its former glory ” and befriend the town into liking you or else you get sent back to where you came from.

I’ve never beaten the game because when I was little I didn’t understand the talking to everyone part, but I can say that my coop what the most awesome of them all!! Secrets like how to get the bees or even fishes in your pond, the little cutscenes when you had more hearts with your crushes – who were all really different from one another – and gave you a chance to win even more.

3 – Crash Warped


What is there to say here… The Crash series is awesome. I had to choose between so many Crash games… And because this is the one I own, and the more fun, it hits the 3rd place. I loved how the story was written and everything. Fun and not too difficult for a kid to understand. You have to go through the levels and get all the gems you can to beat the final boss, easy enough to remember. There are special gems that are hidden in the levels , you must get them all if you want to have a 100% playthrough.

I remember when I was young, I played it with my step-brother and because I’m a girl had the ” girl level ” but then when I didn’t play as much he let me play other levels. But the girls level where nice : I could ride a tiger…. And ACTUAL TIGER OMG. I loved the level were you were on a dinosaur too or the one where you are in a medieval land – the first of almost all the first world-. The ones I hated were the plane fights… Gods they were hard and awful! I’ve recently played it and it didn’t loose anything awesome I once remembered. So much content and you couldn’t always do the level one shot. The boss fights were different and, not so hard now, for a kid they were difficult to beat! Always jump on Dingodile at the end with the penguin. Always.

2 – Ape Escape


For my second favorite game of the Playstation 1, I must admit, Crash, Spyro and Harvest moon would have been here. All of them had the potential and I loved them all. But I had to choose and Ape escape… It’s awesome. Never played a game where the controls were so new, and everything it did. The story… It’s fun yet really serious. Monkeys herlmet were created to make the monkey speak the human langage, but it didn’t go the way expected. Now the monkey with helmets make them intelligent and listen only to their leader, or their guts. You could scan the monkeys to know how hard they were and their personality. Their leader is a white monkey name Specter, that was one the nicest monkey ever.

He then starts to want to enslave the human kind and you – being the main character Spike -, the professor and his crew are there to stop him and take away those helmets. Your friend Jake… is he your friend? I don’t really remember but I know you have a rivalry that make some levels a speed course where you earn a medal if you beat hime. The professor gives you training for new gadget he gives you every few levell. My favorite gadget must be the green thing that makes you fly… I never remember the name ok? XD And the RC car. They are both really awesome. The RC car can stun a monkey from afar, it’s really useful. One of the level I remember the most must be the one where you enter in the tortoise belly and help her. I loved the ones with dinosaurs too. The T-Rex was so scary!

– Honorable Mentions –

You must have noticed…. There are a lot of nice games I didn’t put here. The reason isn’t because they are not good. It’s only because I prioritize the one I feel more attached to. So here are some of my honorable mention! I’ve put the link to their Wikipedia page in the name if you ever want to know more.

Legend of Dragoon

The main reason why I didn’t put it in my list is because I didn’t play it. I know … It’s horrible. I’ve bought it recently though and I want to try it. For what I can remember of the games – because I saw someone play it a long time ago- it is an awesome RPG. You must be concentrated because in fights if you don’t hit those rings you hit less hard or miss. Sorry, I don’t know or remember more of that game, so I’ll have to try it for myself and then give you my thoughts about it!

Crash Team Racing 

Seriously, how am I suppose to do a Playstation 1 without wanting to put all of the crash games in it? I don’t know how I did it. But I had to choose between Crash Bash and Crash Team Racing. And for my Top crash bash won. I remember playing it a lot when I was young, and I played either the tiger or the polar bear – Because they are soooo cute right? – and not being really good at it ahaha. The first boss who’s the weird blue … mouse? He was so much a paiiiin! My step-brother was a lot better than me though. But it was the Racing game of the console and the one I preferred. There was a nice array of items you could throw to your opponent too.

Smurf Race 

This one… I mean, I’ve grew up with it. I’ve played it recently and… It’s bad… It’s really bad. The controls are not really there and there are not that much races. But it stills hold a place in my good memories.

Sheep Raider 

I didn’t have this one growing up. I remember playing it once or twice maybe? We rented it once from the video club for the week end when I was a kid, but I only played it recently for a second time. It is funny, colourful and really nice! You play as… Yup, the Wile E. Coyote himself -That is what I like to believe ok? I didn’t like the other one ahaha-. You know, the coyote that tries to catch the road runner? Yes, this one. He tries to steal the hoard of sheep that Sam Sheepdog is guarding. That’s the main quest of the game. Steal those mutton and don’t get caught. It’s a really nice game!

Frogger 2

Oh how much I’ve played this game. Long story short : all of your kids are kidnapped and you must go and save them. You control Frogger, the dad of the baby frogs. It’s in 2rd person view and for a weird reason you can’t swim… It’s a nice little game and it’s hard for kids. It’s agame that makes you move forward in the level and you must evade any enemy. You had a power to make noise and your babies would respond if they were in the sound distance. You had collectibles too. That’s as much as I can remember.

Spider Man 

Oh boy. We played a lot. I think I remember the level with the bank and Venom. It was a nice game, but not fabulous. You could swing from one building to the other in the over world, go direct to the ceiling with your web. Make the enemy unable to move for a little time by webbing them. You even had super hero strength to lift things up like huge bombs.

Syphon Filter 

The only thing I remember from this game is that we could play coop (I think) and we played a lot! A little bit James bond style. Some of the stages were at night and you could pick a character through the ones you had.

And now… For my first place…. You all know what it is stop it 😛

1 – Final Fantasy 7


Yup. The first game I own and it’s the first in my heart for this console. It’s the first Final Fantasy I played too. So it’s my favorite from this era of Final’s – I didn’t like Final Fantast 8 and never played the 9th-. I love the story that goes from a small story, destroy the big mean Shrina Company to one that makes you go explore the world, run after a calamity that is called Jenovah and her son, Sephiroth. Don’t tell me that his name didn’t make you hear his song. That cringing song, or even the cutscene where Nibelheim is destroyed and reduce to flame. It is the first game I played that killed a main character too. – Spoiler much but eh, it’s been a long time – At that moment I was really shocked. It was there my love for RPG started really. I could not believe a simple game could make me feel this way, so sad and angry.

The gameplay is a classic turn by turn, but this time there was a time where you had to wait before you could do any actions. The cast is, for me, really rich and the characters are all so different! Tifa, the hard woman that know what she wants ; Barret, the thug that doesn’t stop arguing and swearing ; Red XIII who’s an experience that Hojo tried to make him ; Caith Sith- no one ever played him ; Cid, the airship pilot that had a bad temperament; Yuffie, the thief that doesn’t give a shit what you want and will blatantly steal from you ; Vincent the other optional character that is a little emo and who can transform himself into beasts. Like, how awesome are those? I really liked all of those. I’m sad they killed Aerith/Aeris, because she was one of my favorite characters. I really liked all the optional character, I find they gave an special flavor. I am REALLY, I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY HYPE FOR THE REMAKE. Like, I don’t even own a Ps4, but only for that game, I’ll do it. Yup, buying one for the game. Going to be awesome.

So, there you have it, my Top 10 Ps1 Games. Hope you enjoyed it! Are some of my tops like yours or I went over them? Tell me 😛