Well hello there. Today let me talk about another early access game. Like I said before, I don’t like early access games. Why? I find them always rushed, too long to finally have perceivable results- or to even be launched, look at ARK who isn’t launched yet but have a DLC…- and a lot of the time it’s never what the devs told you it’s going to be. And I don’t know why, but there’s SO MUCH of them that appeared in the past two years it’s making me crazy. So, the first early game I talked about was Stonehearth and I loved it. I will post a little playthrough soon for you too see-when I finally learn how to edit correctly-. Now let’s talk about the second one. Slime rancher.

I must say, this game is bubbly and so cute. You are having a bad day? Play this game. Don’t focus on anything, don’t stress out. Just enjoy this little piece of magic. Oh, and the dev is awesome at updating what he is doing. Since February of 2015 there’s been so much added and patch to the game I am not even mad it is still an early access.

Getting Started

You start as a new farmer on this new planet far away from earth. Being a first person game, you don’t know at first that you are playing Beatrix leBeau- yup the devs wrote it like that so I’ll write it like that- and you must read your mail in your little tent-house to know it. Your mission? Farming slimes to collect their plorts. And yes, by plorts I mean their poop. Slime poop. For some reason, there is a market for it and so here you are, farming them.


– Slime plorts –

 Your starting gear is your little house where you sleep and check your mail, your vacuum gun that collects the items and slime in the world and the plot of land – I played recently, maybe a little walkthrough soon, and there was a corral at the beginning too. – The controls are basic and you are given a little tutorial on how to use things for controller or not. Your farm has two or three slimes on it, some little chicken and some vegetable and fruit for you to try on your new controls.

Now, you collected all of that stuff. You wonder: ‘’What now?’’ Well, you need to upgrade your farm to be able to be more efficient in your slime loving! You can upgrade your own gear to have a better equipment. You have different buildings to choose from: The corrals where you keep the slimes you collect; a garden where you can plant vegetable and fruits to feed those little slimes; a silo for when you need to store food and don’t have the space in your gun; a coop to have chicken on the ranch and populate so you can feed certain types of slime; a pond for the more watery slimes and one or two more building that are not hyper important and you’ll see when you play. All of those upgrades have themselves upgrades. Upgrade-ception. Unlock them to have better equipment for your garden or coop or even corral.

For your own gear, without naming everything you have more health, more stamina, a jetpack, more places in your vacuum gun, etc to unlock when you’ll have the money.

There are expansions too for your farm: the cave and a wild terrain. At the beginning, they cost too much to buy, so you’ll have to do some feeding to make money!

To find new types of slimes or just more slimes you need to explore the world. The first area is the dry reef just outside your ranch. It looks like a little canyon with not too much foliage but a lot of pink slimes. There are berries and carrots, and to be able to pick them up you must be quick, the little slimes are often hungry and eat everything they see. You can even suck in your vacuum some slimes – be aware that the more slime you have on your farm the more you will need to feed. So at the start don’t go overboard.-.

The slimes

You surely have seen all the cute images about the slimes on the internet. Well let me share little of my knowledge without spoiling too much. Surprises are fun!

Pink slime are the basic ones. Here’s a little picture. They eat everything and are not hard to please. You only need to feed them to keep them happy. They eat literally any food you put in front of them. But because they are the basic ones and their plorts isn’t worth a lot, most people just get rid of them. They are my favorite and I just LOVE THEM so I always keep some until the end.

Rock slimes are the first slimes you encounter when you move further down the dry reef. Here is another picture. So cute. They are not aggressive in the sense they don’t chase you, but they can hurt you. They have on their backs sharp rocks that when they spin hurt you if you are too close. They are all blue and only eat vegetable.

After, you encounter the Tabby slimes. Yup, cat slimes. Those slimes are carnivorous and will only eat meat. Not other slimes but meat like chicken. So that’s one reason you need to have a coop or an endless stock of chicken. Those slimes are more tricky than the two first: they are expert at jumping. Like, they jump over basic corral so easily. I learned that the good way to keep them in corrals are by buying the high walls upgrade for the corrals and the net upgrade that is at the top of the corral – the net is especially for flying slimes though, but can save you the trouble of running after your tabbies -.

Something I didn’t mention: slimes love other slimes plorts. Not the same species as them though. So if your tabby sees pink plorts they will do ANYTHING to go and eat it. If you like your tabby the way they are don’t let them do that. Why?

Largos. That’s what you call a slime that ate another ones plort. It becomes huge. They take both characteristic too. One example: A tabby that eats pink plort will make a giant pink tabby that will eat anything and jump high. Another example: if you mix tabby and rocks slimes the Largo will have both spikes and ears and will only eat meat OR vegetable. They will roll around like rock slimes do but bounce too, like tabby slimes. Don’t ever try to mix three types. Trust me, you will see why soon enough in the wild to know what I’m talking about.

There are more types of slime… but you’ll have to discover them while playing the game!

Don’t worry about all those details. The dev thought about everything. The slimepedia is there to help you remember or learn more details on what you explored, caught etc. It is a great tool to know your slimes favorite food – that makes them have double plorts!- or even if they are sensible to sun – please don’t make them die -.

The updates

Now, I will talk just a little bit of what I noticed from the game on the long run.

– The graphics were upgraded since the first week. A lot of items and place had a ‘’ HD upgrade ‘’.

– Some noises, like the door from your house, the little tingling a plort makes when it moves around were added and are awesome details.

– More slimes and species were added and modified I think. Balanced everything nicely.

– Added more places to explore. I can’t really describe them to you though, either I don’t want to spoil you or I will have to discover them first – or discover together if I do a playthrough -.

Final Thoughts

Play it! Enjoy it! And tell me how much you liked it or if you ever want to try it! And what you thought of my review 🙂 Was it close to the real thing? I want to know! 😀

Review : Positive. You really must try this game if it’s your type.