So, since a couple of years the youtuber PBJ started a month dedicated to the zelda serie. Since then, a lot of youtubers and person got on the zelda month train. It started when skyward swords was just released in 2011. Here a link to a wiki site.

While it’s easily one of my favorite franchise ever (in the Nintendo branch!) I thought it would be nice to have some posts about it! So, for the next couple of weeks ( it’s all the november month, I know I’m a bit late) I will post on this subject!

Also, you must know I did not play the early games… I was either too young or didn’t have the console. The only ones I got the chance to play were : Wind waker, Twilight princess and Skyward sword. I saw a little bit of ocarina and a little bit of majora mask… I never got to play the handheld games either even if some looks awesome! So bear with me for I will talk about mostly those I’ve played!

Hoping to see you around!