Why not start my Zelda month with the first game I ever played in the Zelda franchise? Almost all of the songs in the series talks to me in a special way and specific ones are really awesome to listen even if you are not playing. When I hear one of them, I can almost always tell where it’s from. Almost, there’s some really similar in all of the games.

So in fifth place…



Earth God’s Lyric


Link to Youtube

I like the simple composition and the relaxing tone of it. You hear this song a couple of time from Medli and she plays the song with her harp at a couple of occasion. I find the rustic tone of the play really appealing and calming and it makes the scene more real.


Sage Raruto/Laruto


Link to Youtube

This song is similar to the Temple of Time song in almost all of the Zelda games, but I find it has a little more… finesse? The harp brings this song to life and I really like it. It has the soft harp melody with the epicness of the Temple of Time.


Dragon Roost Island


Link to Youtube

This song…. You hear it not so long after starting the game because it is one of the first island you are sent to. The song feels warm and the instruments bring something special to it. While playing, you have the palm trees that makes the island look more exotic and I find the people living on it to be more tribal. This song fits perfectly with those elements.



Molgera’s Boss Song


Link to youtube

While hearing this song I cannot, I repeat, cannot stop myself from whistling. This boss fight was so nice, the music is unique and it gives you the will to defeat that boss. Remember when it came out of the sand and you felt so small compared to it? And then get cornered by all the sand creatures that were trying to eat you(I think?). I love this song. And yup, I’m whistling right now.


Honorable Mention

Here are the songs I really loved, but that I had to cut because… I decided in a top 5. Some are really awesome.


Windfall Island

With all the time you passed in Windfall island, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t recognize this song.

Legendary Hero

The main theme you hear when the tale of the Legendary hero is told to you. It’s a song that goes deep into your mind. Makes it memorable and intense.

Inside a house

One of the most used song in the Zelda franchise. Inside, I think, almost anyone’s house in the game.

Aryll’s Theme

Cute, adorable little Aryll … I love her theme. Warm and familiar, this theme is a little like my next honorable mention : timeless. It is a shame you can’t hear it in other Zelda titles because it feels so heartwarming.

Princess Zelda’s Theme

How could you have played a Zelda game without knowing this tune? It is one of the softest, most familiar song. I don’t know why, but it is in my top Zelda songs of all time. Feels like you are home and everything is fine.


Now for my first pick…


Makar’s awakening


Link to Youtube

Yes I know, this song is similar to the wind song and the main title. But this version is calling more to me. It is energetic, vibrant and you feel like you could dance to it. It’s a shame that it’s only 30 seconds long because oh my god it’s awesome.


What are your favourite songs from Zelda: Wind Waker? Do you have similarities? I want to know!