Knowing I have played like 3 zelda games( I will retell them: Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword-that I didn’t finish-), and the one with most realistic graphics is the one with the most creepy enemies ever- in my opinion-. I will have to include the tag spoilers because a lot of them will have places that are not in the early game accessible. So if you did not finish the game skip this post.

You were warned!

The hand


How can this enemy not be on the list..? I think there’s another hand in the Zelda series that ask for toilet paper or even in wind waker but this one is… so different. In Zant’s palace,e in the Twilight world, there’s a hand that looks like a statue who holds a light orb. Once you take the orb it starts to follow the orb of light and you because it is kind of it’s guardian.

You heard me : when you pick up the orb the hand comes to life with a red glow and it tries to grab you. Oh and it goes through walls and won’t stop until you place the orb at the right place at the end of the rooms. The most unsettling feeling ever and it just made me stress at a point that everytime I played Twilight princess I would stop at this dungeon. I’ve played it like 20 times, but finished it like once. This is a no-go for me ! Oh and because you need to be quick, well there’s a lot of monster that halts you in the rooms and you need to solve puzzle to get through those rooms.


Twilight Monster


Called Shadow Beast, they are one of the first enemies you encounter while being forced into the twilight world. They move on four legs, creepily and if you are not careful they will charge you. Their heads have no eyes or face. Their scream is maddening and they are always in packs. You need to kill them all at the same time or they will revive their fallen brethren in a scream that paralyze your character. They will chase you and block your way until you finish them all.


Zelda Possessed


In the Twilight Princess games also, when you finally manage to do all the dungeons, passed all the test and made it to Hyrule castle you are greeted by ganon. You enter the main hall only to see… Zelda’s body. Ganon makes her into his puppet and now you have to face her. Her skin is a sickly green and she has black veins all over her body. Her eyes are a empty yellow color.

She floats like a ghost and has the voice of Ganon, who you hear laughing when she hits you or moaning when attacking or taking damage. The music is creepy enough, because you hear loudly the wind blow in your ears. The floating and charging attack are unsettling to say the least.


Death Sword


This boss… Oh my god. It’s a sealed sword in the arbiter’s ground -In TP – that was put there several hundred years ago. To start the battle you need to cut the paper seal that holds it in place. You have to do it. First time I was like: nope, I will just pass beside it and won’t touch this… but that not how it plays. The paper burn and reveal… a sword. The swords swing in the air and crush the ground. Transforming into your wolf form will reveal that it is an invisible ghost that hold it. The only moment you can attack him is after he swing the sword at you. Once you’ve hit him enough he will show himself and screech in a horrific way. He will then float and turn around your character until you hit him again where he flies quickly around you screaming. So scary.


Blizzeta – Yeta possessed


When you arrive at snowpeak ruins – in TP-, after you went down the mountain on an ice snowboard – I know right!-, the yeti welcomes you into their house. He lives here with his wife who is so cute and cuddly. She is sick and tells you that it started when the mirror shard arrived and they locked their room where the shard is and hid the key in one of the rooms after monsters started spawning.

At the end of the dungeon and with her help, you finally get into the room…only to see her transform into this horrible ice monster. The twilight mirror snaps her will and makes her head do a 180 before revealing another head with demonic eyes and a blood curling scream. I did not see this coming at all. The fight isn’t creepy, but the was the boss is presented surely is.




Those little creeps. I hate them so much. Not because they are hard to kill. They are a one hit KO if I recall correctly. It’s because they swarm you, infinitly. While walking, they do that horrible, atrocious sound and will them poke you with what looks like a pitchfork. They look like small demons coming right from hell with their horns. There is a variety of color for them and their eyes are a weird green color. – In WW-

Sacred Grove’s Puppet


In Twilight Princess there is a secret area called Sacred grove. The guardian of this sacred place… the Skull kid…? Creepy as he is, he is not the one I want to talk about. His puppets are. The kid-like guardian blows in his flute that calls those puppets then laughs and runs. You can still hear him laughing and playing his flutes when you get close, and he will spawn more of the puppets.

You hear the wood-like noise of the puppets when they get closer to you and they chase you all over the sacred grove. If they are close enough there is a little shift in the music and a creepy sound resonates. The way they move and the way they articulate are just creepy. Oh and they spawn infinitely so don’t spend too much time killing them. They will chase you down.


Cursed Bokoblin


Hidden in the deepest part of the cistern in Zelda Skyward Sword, the cursed Bokoblin is a zombified version of the enemy. Once you enter the cursed underworld under the colorful cistern, you will notice everything feels… sick. Everything is a gloomy purple and  you will see them coming to you. They walk slowly towards the player and try to get a grip of link and bite him. If they succeed you will be poisoned and cursed. They are a little like the Redeads in the other games. Luckily for you they don’t reappear anywhere in the game except for this temple. Talk about a secret creepy basement.


Arbiter’s Ground Poe


While the normal Poe in TP are creepy, hard to find/kill and annoying because you have to chase like 60 of them, the ones in the arbiter’s ground are creepier. They wear long ghostly capes mounted with a skeleton skull that holds his hood in place. His skin is black and he has no eyes. They have a shallow feeling about them and being so tall makes them seem more powerful.

They each have a lamp but will carefully hide from you. You need to find 4 of them in the arbiter’s ground to be able to pass to the boss. And each of those Poe are a mini-boss in themselves and won’t let you catch him easily. You have to chase them through the ground and fight everything in between. They really don’t want to be found and I really don’t like looking for them!


Honorable mention – are they really honorable?

– Ghoul rats from Twilight Princess. They are invisible rats that latch onto you and make you so heavy that you can’t walk normally and can bring you to your lost. They really are ugly.

– Armagohma in TP. Huge spider that crawls on the ceiling and tries to crush you. Kill that with fire.

Floormaster from TP that brings you into the depts of the dark and makes you loose your progress or the people who follow you. Those one hide themselves in a poison cloud and surprise you when you try to venture in it. There’s one in Wind Waker that are less creepy but still annoying.

Zant one of the final bosses in TP. Through all the game you see him with his armour, thus you never see his face, reaction etc. When you arrive in his chamber in his palace, he isn’t wearing it… and boy he is creepy. He cracks, takes weird poses and is just sooooo creepy.

– The imprisoned in SS. He is the evil that sealed in the ground in the Sealed temple near Faron woods. He is big, and you are warned that if he gets to the top of the hole destruction will ensued. So he’s creepy and stressful. Bleh.



You knew they were going to be here. I will talk about two sort of them : The Wind Waker kind and the Twilight Princess kind.


In the Wind Waker you have those green-black dead body -sometimes they seem bluish- with hollowed black eyes when he’s at rest and red eyes and large mouth when he spots you. They will scream horrendously if you come too close and latch onto you and bite you until you shake them off. They are sometime hard to avoid because they are in the way or beside something you need. Your sword hurt them, but you will need to swing a lot to kill them. Bomb them. It kills them in three shot. I won’t kill them otherwise. Nope. Not getting close.



The Twilight princess kind is more realistic version and their name is Redead Knight. They are tall and full of bandages, more like a mommy. Even his sword is covered in bandages. Yup, they are not like other redead because they don’t jump you to bite you. They will scream to paralyze you and swing their huge sword at you.


What are yours? Did you like my list?