This is a list where I would like to talk a little about the races that covers the Zelda franchise and those I really like! – They are in alphabetical order so there’s no “best race”.




The Gorons are rock people that lives in mountains or volcanos in a lot of the games. They are in almost every Zelda game out there – yup even Wind Waker. Try to find them! -. The ones in twilight princess at first are not friendly and hurts a bunch. But they are detailed and really cool! Their little conversations are nice and you learn a bunch from them. They live inside an active volcano in Twilight princess and don’t really go out of their city. The one I remember from skyward sword is an adventurer…That you encounter the first time because he is attacked by goblins. I shouldn’t say adventurer … More a scholar? He looks for clues about the goddess cubes, so call him what you want.




Referred as Sheikah, they are the race that protects the royal family since the beginning of time. Often tall and athletic, they are an all-female clan.But the Sheikah are not in all the games.  For a fact, I didn’t see them in Twilight princess -or maybe? – or Wind Waker (correct me if I’m wrong-) There are two I know of in Skyward Sword. Tan skin, small red eyes and a knowledge old like centuries. They are desert ninjas.



A small clan of kiwi-plant-hedgehog from Skyward Sword. They are so cute and are scared of everything… and their way of hiding and protecting themselves if by … face-planting on the ground and hide underneath their little sprout of plant that is on their backs. Maybe that’s why there’s not too many in the game… I really like them because they are carefree and really peaceful. Their leader is… that kind of special.




The descendant from the Kokiri people from Ocarina of Time I think. These little tree beings fly using leaves that grow on them. They live on an island where there is a Great Deku tree and the only time they go out from their home is to plant more trees from seedling of the great deku himself. They each have a different face and traits. Makar is the most known Korok from the game, it is him that plays the violin.





A race of half-people half-bird that you see in Twilight Princess. Not like the Rito, they are small and is distinctively more a bird than a human. They are weird. Oh, but they have magical abilities. The first Oocca you encounter are an Oocca and her son -who has only his head because he’s a kid- who “help you” in your journey. I always look for them when I enter the dungeons, not because I want to leave – it’s their utility to be able to teleport you at the dungeon entrance, hell I never leave a dungeon unfinished- but just because their greeting event at the start of a dungeon makes me laugh. They are stuck in a vase. Each time. And they have their own city… it’s so funny. And yes, you make the same face as link when seeing those creatures.





In Wind Waker, they are the descendant from the Zora people who once lived in Hyrule. They evolved into the bird people- don’t ask me why-. Well, I dug a little bit and here is a wiki page that has a theory about it – – It’s a really nice theory and I think it makes sense. I love their tribal looks and a lot of the people in this race is recognisable. You know who you are talking to, their tribal signs on their clothes are not always identical. I find it nice too that you can see the evolution of a young member of their tribe.



Even if I saw only two specimen in the Zelda games I played, I liked the yeti race that was in Twilight princess. They are friendly and surprisingly good at snowboard! Yup, because the first time you really meet one of them he wants to make a snowboarding competition to his house at the bottom of the mountain. They really are nice allies because they are so unique and never before seen that I wished more quests was related to them. The female has a more human-like face, but is still covered in fur, as the male is all covered and has no real human feature except that he talks.





The Zoras in Twilight princess are really unique. They wear a special armour and they swim in the strongest streams. They are graceful and I like that you can be close to them and really take a glance of what they look like. More of a human form than their earlier counterparts. In the earlier games, they were not really optimized – I mean, duh, it’s normal. Don’t worry, I’m not hating. – and you could not really see them up close because they were not graphically detailed as the games are now. For their appearance… They are blue, have palmed hands and feet and their head is a mix between human and fish. And can I talk about the Queen and her song? Oh my god I just love it.


So here are my favorite races! What are yours? Did I skip some you think are interesting?