I know I’m late for this trend, but I don’t think this game is outdated just yet. Yes, I’m talking about Skyrim. I thought about writing another mods compilation recently but I’ve been playing the Special Edition since November and it felt a little weird to review old mods that I don’t play anymore. So I decided to just talk about it before reviewing the old mods, and maybe do the old and the new mods for Special edition at the same time who knows.

I’ve seen the Special Edition of Skyrim trailer since the spring of 2016 if I’m correct. I thought it looked really neat but I really hoped they would have patched the game at the same time, as a re-release tends to take away game-breaking bugs and other nasty things that the devs left in there. I never really added graphics overhaul to my game, not because my computer was not good enough, but because small details, ENB’s and any other mods that change how you see something can burst into flames when put together.

What was not my surprise to see that all they did was really a graphic overhaul. Don’t get me wrong, I find it so amazing and it really did give the game a better feel. They didn’t really, in an obvious way, patched anything. I don’t know how modding an ENTIRE GAME WORKS, but I think maybe they just got lazy because modders are there to keep their game alive and patch it up if needed. At launch there was already mods available for Xbox One and PC – because Sony… -. Some of them, as small as they are would have, in my opinion, fitted perfectly in the main game without the need to mod it. Small details as in footprints, realistic ragdolls, or even Run for you life/when dragon attacks that makes the game a lot more real and immersive and at the same time are lore friendly and don’t ask a lot of power from a computer..

I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to have the legendary edition of the real Skyrim, as I got the Special edition for free. And I cannot be happy enough that mods are free to play in this beautiful game. But even though all this is possible, I still have small complaints. It’s normal right? I really wanted them to add some new things or reshape a thing or two for the better other than just the graphic overhaul.

What would you have liked for Skyrim Special edition?