Top Ice levels I can remember

My memory sucks and I’ve played so many games …. I can’t remember them all and I can’t replay all the games until Christmas is over. I kind of liked the idea of the ice levels because I live in Canada and IT’S SO COLD AND SNOWY so I’m sharing my cold Christmas spirit! Deal with it! And even if I call it a “Top Ice levels” there’s not particular order. Oh and they are sometimes double!


Crash Bash : Polar Panic and Snow Bash

Ok, hear me out. I loved this game as a child. I loved the way everything was so different from a stage to the other and all the levels – not the stage where you play but the floors you were on – had new gameplay or more difficult stages.

So first time I played I remember loving the polar bear stage because it was SO CUTE. It’s the one where you are on a iceberg on a little polar bear and … it’s like king of the mountain but with an iceberg? You throw people in the ice cold water and be the last on it. And the more you go on levels and the stages, the more difficult it gets with the camera that melts sides of the ice and the evil uga uga that freezed you or gives you a 100T that crushes you.

The second stages are the penguin ice skating? You know the ones. A little cute penguin is sleeping in the middle and you must kill each other – still be the last person/team standing. But in this stage, if you hit or throw something at him. He gets angry and spins and hit/kills you if he touch you. He clears the map of boxes, nitro-boxes and TNT – don’t stay close- to them.

Left side: Snow bash – Right side : Polar panic

Spyro: Year of the Dragon : Icy peaks or Frozen Altar

I love Spyro : Year of the dragon. The first ice level I liked is Icy peaks where there are polar bears in winter gear that got kicked out of their homes by rhinos. They are so dumb, so cute and so funny.

Frozen altar is so different from Icy peaks. First because to keep the air cold and not burn everything, a Fairy gives spyro’s fire breath a magical twist and makes it… Ice breath!  Icy peaks are mountains tops with high walls or caves. Frozen altar is more of a ice town at the top of a mountain. Not a ruin like Icy peaks. The penguins in this level are kind of aloof and don’t seem to aware of what is really going on unless they got kicked out of their home.

mix spyro ice level.png
Left side : Icy Peaks – Right side: Frozen altar

Skyrim : snow veil sanctum?

Eum, hello. I love skyrim. And I wanted to troll you a little. It’s not about snow veil sanctum. Here is one of my favorite ice levels. The Skyrim north map is an ice and a snow level in itself. It feels so cold, especially when there are snowstorm that blurs your vision and makes you wonder if it’s ok to be in this temperature. You can add some immersion in this game with mods that makes you really fear the cold like Campsite or Frostfall. Go check them out.

There are icebergs that floats on the sea and mines or caves made of ice and mineral that sometimes have fellow human habit them but they seem so cold and I would never live in a place like that. In those biomes, the exterior ones, the animals are stronger than before and have unique coats – white ones- to camouflage or keep them warm.

I couldn’t really find only one image or make a montage like the rest of it just because it wouldn’t show you the cold feeling I have of those. Play the game!

Twilight Princess: Snowpeak Ruins

Being the only part of the game that is in a snow place, Snowpeak ruins is a dungeons is covered in ice and snow. I find that making an abandoned mansion half destroyed with snow coming from the ceiling or the ice covered floors really interesting. The enemies in this mansion are all made out of snow or ice.

Exterior of the mansion

Ape Escape : Snowy Mammoth & Hot Springs

I’ve not yet talked about this game except in my top Ps1 games. I love this game. I recently had a new copy for my Playstation 1 and it’s like I remembered. Those two levels are pretty different too.

Snowy mammoth is an waste land of ice. Where is your character touched the water he gets cold burns and loose a life. The monkey in this level are all winter coated and often complain about how cold it is. And like the name says it has a mammoth in it. Where a monkey you can capture sits in this Elephant-saddle-thing.

Hot springs is really different but so chilly. It’s a hot spring on the top, I guess, of a mountain. So everything around the hot spring is covered with snow. It has a nice stage design and you can find a similar level in the 3rd game of the serie. ( Maybe in the second but I’ve not played it.)

Mix ape escape.jpg
Left side: Snowy Mammoth – Right side: Hot springs


This concludes my favorite Ice levels that I can remember. What are yours?