The number of hours I looked for Journey on another platform than Playstation is maddening – I don’t own a Ps3, so I couldn’t play the game-. Journey looked like nothing else I ever saw and it and it didn’t boast about being something more. The developers of this game, Journey, are the same as the one I want to talk about: Giant Squid. I usually don’t mention them but their games are art – Yes I know there’s a debate to say that all games are art yada yada…-  and the feel they give to this game is unreal. This game is all about the graphics, but in a good way.

I saw this game the first time while looking at my subs on youtube. Pewdiepie had a playthrough and I thought why not, I don’t know this game. I was not disappointed. So with all of this said, lets dive into ABZÜ.


Getting started

The main menu is interactive- well when I say interactive is because there’s no fading away when clicking on new game-. You start the game by being presented who you are going to control. It is a diver that I like to name ABZÜ – While ABZÜ is really the knowledge of the ocean if you read the description of the game on steam aha- . So here you are thrown into this vast ocean with no dialog or story really. If you didn’t guess yet : It’s more of a discovery game than an action game.

This game is so colorful. One moment you are in a light blue overview with pink algae, minutes later you are in an orange foliage maze and, then again, minutes forward you are in a bottomless ocean where whales swim. Everywhere you look there is color, movement and fishes of all kinds! And while you swim – the main element of the gameplay- you get to see different biome and different colors the more you advance. There are a lot of fish around you, so if your computer isn’t a little strong it might be a problem.

The gameplay

You are the diver that swims through this huge game. The mechanic of swimming is really smooth and perfected. They really made this game thinking and focusing on the swimming. You can swim fast, slow, do flips, and even jump out of the water to do a little flip or dive. When swimming at a nice speed, fishes will follow you in certain places, so when you aim for the surface to jump, they sometimes will jump with you.

One thing I have to mention that I love: You can ride some of the – biggest – marine lifeforms. You see this dolphin? Yup, you can hold onto it and swim. And if you are holding, in my example a dolphin, all the other dolphins in the pod will follow you, and when you aim at the surface, they will all jump with you. I don’t know how many times I did it just because it was so cute and fun. I did the same with the manatee, but they are not jumpers so it doesn’t work, but they are so cute that it doesn’t really matter.

While exploring, you will discover nests at the bottom of the ocean that are darkened. When interacting with them you will create new life into this ocean – or revive an old died species, it’s not really explained-. You can then see those lifeforms roam in the area they spawned.

Another part of the gameplay is to find little robot that have no more battery, or are damaged, that are laying still in the sand. Your character will interact with them and reanimate them. Finding those little robots lets you continue your adventure into the next biome or checkpoint.

Now, you are like: yeah so you explore the ocean… but nothing is explained? Well, yes and no. You see, when exploring and advancing in the world, you’ll have to enter some kind of ruins. Inside those ruins, the walls will be filled with …. Not drawing, what’s the term. Hieroglyph? But not in the Egyptian way, they feel more Mayan in my opinion. They show images of some marine animals or ancient people. It puts a more special and mysterious feel to the game.


Final thoughts

I really recommend this game for those you like a nice cozy game. Everything is cute, colorful and really different from all those action driven, killing machine games. The ambiance is great and once you get the hang of the controls they are really smooth to play! It’s not overly long so if you just want to have a nice time go for it!


Review: Positive. Play this game. It has a more calm and paced gameplay!