I didn’t play that much new games that came out in 2016. And all the Tops I see are all about triple A games, and I’m always thinking to myself : “ There’s so much more good games from smaller developers!” So I tried making a list where there would be more of them. I hope I’m not failing miserably! They aren’t in any particular order, because… DON’T ASK ME THAT. They are too different!

Abzü – August 2016


So I didn’t hear a single person talk about this game of 2016 and I have no idea why! This game is a visual treat !!! It should have been in more top games for at least being original! – Too much shooter for my taste – I just love how creative and beautiful it is! It is so calming, the sceneries are incredible and overall it is awesome. Yup definitely in my list and I talked about it over here!

Slime Rancher – Early 2016


Ok, it’s still in early access, so it’s not 100% out yet but it’s SO cute and nice I couldn’t just leave it unnoticed. This game really brings out the happiness and the cuteness in the slimes. I did a post about it too here! Seriously it’s really awesome and makes you want to smile. You farm slime for their poop and they are always so happy and bubbly to look at. Play it, trust me if you like that kind of games you won’t be dissapointed.

Stardew Valley – 2016


I didn’t like the graphics at start, but once you get past those, the feeling of harvest moon is really there. It’s another level of harvest moon though, a more mature and in depth one. Only one person created this game, do you believe that? For a single person it’s really awesome! I like the gameplay and I always loved harvest moon games, so this game is in the middle of my like zone. I did a review on this one too here!

Skyrim Special Edition – October 2016


I know. It’s not really a new game. Bear with me a second. Bear! Hide! …. Hah. Got you. But yeah, I put it here because I like the way they made it so much more stable and that they added graphical elements. Ok, they could have done a better job with patching things up, like, why do we even need another unofficial patches? Really? Small things like footprints, body collisions, more hair? I mean, look at the mods where there’s like 600 more hair style…. Why not make like… 20-30 more? No? Spinning death animation removed? No magic dodge when I try to shoot with my bow and the npc is not even looking in my direction!”/?$%?&U%$/. Ok, I will calm down. But even with all of that missing, I’m really happy they did it and how the ambiance is really powerful now.

Anarcute – July 2016


I got this game at the end of 2016 and let me tell you it’s all I needed in my vacation time. It did the cute destruction perfectly! I really like this game and I will talk about it more in a future post. Long story short : you are a cute group of animal that rebels against the mean empire that controls everything. Your goal? Get your friends back and restore freedom! It’s a really nice little game with just enough story for it to be fun and not too tiring!

There a so much more game I liked this year, but I think this sums up my favorites!  What are yours!!?? Tell me I want to know! 😀