A little bit like my late night thoughts, I wanted to share some things about food that maybe you will be interested in. For the past few years, there’s trends that I can’t really understand and find a little stupid…. There’s detoxifying your body – you know you have organs that does the same thing right? That are there only to do that… – and some trend like binge eating a certain type of food because “it’s so good for you, eating it will make you immortal or something!”

Avocados. I hate them. I hate the taste, I hate the texture and I hate de smell. Don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love it. I see it more like: It’s like saying metal is bad. No, it’s not my style, that’s all. So I don’t say I hate it, I say it’s not my style but it’s not bad. As Pop music for you may be uninteresting. When I say I hate avocados it’s the same “not my type” thing. So don’t get mad!

With that said… Is it just me or there is avocado in every damn healthy dish I see? Or even not in healthy ones, but they try so hard to fake being healthy with it. If I go at a restaurant where in the choice I make there’s avocado and I ask for it to be removed, I get those confused or judging look. I mean, stop putting it in everything and I won’t have to ask you to take it out… Googling new recipe? The vast majority, ¾ of them, have avocados. I’m eager to see this trend disappear haha!

Do you have something similar happen to you with an ingredient? Is there a food you don’t like that’s all over the place?