Hello there! Another late night thought for you. Since Skyrim special Edition came out I’ve switched to it – I still have the normal one installed, because… you know, I still love it-. I created, last month I think, my new character to do the full game. I don’t know if I’m the only one doing a thousand character and playthrough but… yeah, I do. My little Bosmer archer is going to be my character of a while and I wanted to make her a little more personal so I gave myself a little challenge.

Every time I play I try to take at least one picture of something I find beautiful or of a scenery I like. So since I’ve started playing this character I’ve taken around 10 pictures ( I take 3 to 5 each time I play) and I just love it. For now, it’s only been picture of the night sky with the auroras, because each time I see them I can’t stop myself from taking a screenshot. Next time, I want to take pictures of a forest, with tall trees and sun beams all over.

What do I do after I take the pictures you ask? I put them in my background folder. So when I open my computer or I do things on it and see the background I can tell almost always where it was taken and it make me want to play more.

Did you ever give yourself a challenge or a goal while playing a game? If your answer is yes what challenge with what game? And if you try my picture challenge, tell me, show me! I’d like to see pictures! And if you want I can post some of my pictures !