Hello there. I just saw that Nintendo  finally announced that Breath of the wild – their new Zelda game – will be on both consoles : Nintendo switch and WiiU. Being late in the console war – cause it’s a war right? – I just recently acquired a WiiU to play the nice games that was on this console.  I was really happy to learn that I will not have to buy the Switch to try out this game.

Since the start of the teaser, a while ago, and with all that has been shown recently – I surely missed some of the reveal, like the Zelda crying scene – but I’ve continued to stay hyped for its release.  Nintendo don’t have the habits to do half made games and now they even went out of their way to create something new, with new mechanics and in an open world. This new game is something I look forward to buying and playing. A more RPG style Link, equipment change – like you can change his clothes, not just the colour of the tunic.

Are you excited for the game? Will you buy it?