I’m the type of person to own a lot of games, but to have finish only a third of them. I hate finishing a game and being struck with this empty void after a game, a book or a serie. You know what I mean. And to finish a game it takes a certain devotion and willingness. Some games are just so good you don’t want them to finish, others are just … long. So I decided to write down a list of the games I need to finish in order to buy more or just to be more content with myself. I concentrated on those I really wanted, because there’s so much more games I own I want to finish but are hard to finish.


The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim


I know what you are thinking. You did more than a thousand hours in this game and you never finished it? Nope. Never went further in the main mission than …. Calling the dragon in dragon’s reach in whiterun. And I didn’t do it. I don’t know… And after that I never got past the elder scroll. I just love this game, I play it so much, yet I never finished it. So at the start of the year I started myself an Elf character where I planned to finish the game with her.

Fantasy Life


My friend lent me this game, and seeing that I loved that game so much I got it a Christmas. It’s a new kind of game that I really like. The story is cute, yet really funny and stupid. I really love it. So I really want to finish the game before restarting a new character. It doesn’t seem extremely long, I just take my time and I’m like at 40+ hours. Not bad.

Legend of Zelda

I have 3 to choose from. I finished Twilight princess once and it’s my favorite. I say only once because I just HATE the last dungeon in the twilight world. I hate it. I hate the hand, I hate the cursed fog. So I should definitely replay it once more. But everything else, going from the realistic of the world, the many different characters and the game being a little bit harder and more mysterious. It really feels like towns have more in them than 5 people and they call it a city.

The second is Wind waker. I bought myself a WiiU and with it came the HD version. I am kind of far in the game. This one I’ve passed a lot, but not the Hd version, so I really want to finish it. Some of the aspects are different: I heard the Triforce chase isn’t as long as before; Your pictobox has so much more space in it and the guy who does the figurines does a lot at a time! And it doesn’t take 3 days. It’s really a nice fix! That’s my goal. Fill the figurine thing.

Lastly: Skyward sword. Even if some of the aspects bothers me, I freaking love this game. The colors, the way it works – ok I hate the wii controllers, but eh, I can live with it – and everything in this land is new and really nice! I love the inhabitants of this game. The kokris and the water ones. They are all unique and so nice! The only part I hate is the Silent realm. And when I say hate… I HATE. I had almost finished the game once, but my sister deleted all my saves from the wii at home… so I bought myself a Wii and started over. I really want to finish it.

Dragon Quest 8

Ok. I got this game when I was a teen and I got really far in the game a while back. But since the game is so full of content and things to do, I don’t remember a thing of what I’m supposed to do except running after a jester. I’ve started replaying recently and I’m at …. About 15 hours in. I know I’m only at the start, I only got Angelo recently. I really LOVE the graphics of this game, it makes it playable even 10 years late – I know it’s not been 10 years but you know what I mean. Wind waker is still nice even after all those years, that kind of thing – and the character, the world everything is really refreshing and nice.

Final Fantasy

I’ve got two in this list too. I love RPG, can you tell? I’ve got Final fantasy X. Let me explain. I got really far into the game, when one of my friend spoiled the entirety of the game for me. I was so mad it took me about one to two years to rethink about playing the game. I love RPG and their secrets. Some I don’t care about being spoiled, some I care. This not too important character dies? Far enough. This thing happens at the end of the game because stuff? Nope. Just no. Same thing happened with FF13 and I never finished it – Same friend, same story-. But I love the characters, the story and the global world. I need to finish it.

Final Fantasy 12. I’ve got it on my ps2, and I heard they were going to make an HD  version of the game somewhat recently – I think-. It’s a game I saw my friend play when I was younger, found it looked nice and bought it. I first played it a couple of months ago… I know I’m not good at this stuff. But I played a little and I find that the story and all is interesting as it’s not one big mean baddy that wants to destroy the world – for now, I’m really only 10 hours into the game- and I find that refreshing. I saw nothing about this game, and know no one who played it and so I didn’t know what I was throwing myself into. I don’t know when I’ll replay it but I really entend to play more!



With all those awesome game I need to complete, I don’t really have room for any other RPG’s. I will play some games I know I can’t really finish, as StoneHearth, SlimeRancher – because they don’t really have an end? – because they are fun and I need some games that are not only story driven ahaha. Did you find yourself not wanting to play a game because someone spoiled it to you? What game do you want to finish at least once? Tell me! 😀