I will be honest, growing up I had RPG games and cute games. So games like this one, I never even knew they existed. Same thing was for Mass effect, I played it for the first time in the last two years. So, as we looked for good coop games, my SO wanted to play the second one of this franchise, but since there’s a one…. I thought why not. So here it is.


Getting started

The game opens with a moving main menu where a cute robot is being goofy. His name is clap trap and I just find it so cute! I love those little robots. I will surely repeat myself so bear with me. So, because we were playing together we started a Lan game.

Having only one female choice, it wasn’t really hard to pick my character out of the four. Lilith, a siren who is fierce but cute and she has more psychic power than firepower. My boyfriend chose Roland, because we needed a tank, and because he’s cool.


You then get spawned at a bus stop and greeted by this cute robot clap trap who ask you to follow him into the town. To get into town, you need to pass into bandits that been raiding the place. Tutorial time! Kill things! Loot! Fun !


The gameplay

It’s a first person shooter. So if you want anything else for this game is not for you. The game don’t sugar coat things for you either. If you’re not careful you will die. Enemies spawns a lot and if you are not careful and stay at a place too long they will respawn. If you choose missions too hard for you, sometimes you will have your ass kicked. Fucking rakks. And even normal missions can be really hard.

The guns

When you kill enemies, they will drop stuff like weapons, money and ammo. For the weapons, you will have a ton of them. Small ones or big ones. There are pistols, shotgun, SMG, snipers, bazooka’s and much more. You choose the ones you want to use, – and level up those skills because the more you use it the level gets higher- and in my case I love pistols and SMG but I found myself using the Combat riffle for a little extra damage. Also, I said you had skills for weapon. They are passive skills. The more you use the pistol, for example, the more bonuses you get. Recharge time, more ammo etc.

My character and some stats!


For those weapons you have different manufacturers from whom you will get accustomed. I prefer the ones with elemental damage because I love seeing the element explode – This manufacturer is the Maliwan – Putting the enemy on fire, making them stunned with electricity etc., is really fun and amusing to me. But the weapons with elemental do less damage. So you need to pick wisely. For a lot of damage, but not a lot of precision, like for a shotgun, the Torgue manufacturer is for you. Learn which one you prefer!

I just love elemental damage.

The vending machines

With this said, there are upgrades you can buy at the multiple vending machines across the world. You will notice that your bullets drop quickly and grenades too, depending on how many types of gun you use etc..

The first type of vending machine sells ammo upgrades – from holding 200 to 300 bullets – and lets you buy munitions.

Another vending machine will sell health packs and shields. Those will come in handy if you ever need healing and you don’t have a healing shield or a healing team members.

The last will sell different type of guns. Except those in the “Deal of the day” section, they are not really worth buying –in my case because I almost only use elemental weapons-.

Time to upgrade!

You chose your character, now you have to upgrade him/her. Killing enemies gives experience. You need that to level up, like any rpg. The more you level up the more points you will be able to places in different skill points in three distinctive trees. Each character have a unique set of skills. Being a siren, I have girl related powers and elemental damage etc. For example, I can have more shield, more elemental resistance and more elemental chances. Roland has damage done, healing abilities and his turret upgrades. Almost all skills have 5 points to max out and to reach the skills lower you need to place points in those above to be able to have them.

My skill tree. Is he stalking?


Is that really a side quest?

I talked about missions earlier, well those are the main things you need to follow. You have more main quest mission, and you have secondary mission more, like killing a number of bandits, collecting a number of items, etc. In the main quests, you gain access to more things as the car, other settlements etc and other quests give you nice rewards.

In your mission table, you have the difficulty of the quest: going from hard, to normal until trivial when you are overleveled. Those missions are classed by level, so if the mission is a level 8 and you are level 6, it’s going to show the difficulty as hard and you gon’ get wrecked. If you are level 9, well it’s going to be a lot easier and the difficulty is between normal and trivial!

The mission log. Hello Roland.

I talked about claptrap too. You will see those little robots often in the game. Sometime they are in the towns, wandering or being idle, sometime they will be outside gates until you are given the ok to go. And sometimes they will be in bandits filled camps and they will need your help. By helping them, they will give you nice rewards. And, they are so cute, why wouldn’t you help him. They are drama queens.

In game view. Roland here, again, with his Bazooka.

Final Thoughts

If you like shooters, if you like stupid characters and if you like coop: You will love this game. First of all, I just adore the graphic style of the game. It makes it feel hard to get old with this cartoon graphics. A little like Wind Waker, where even if you play years later you will not be aggressed by horrible blocky pixels.

Review: Positive! I really like this shooter RPG! Try it! Play it!