While I went to bed, I was asking myself why are all the bad guys in video games are always in a big castle surrounded with lava – I had just saw a video about Bowser’s castle-.

I asked my SO that if I would be a villain, I would have so much flowers and cute stuff all around me.

His response : ” You would be the weak boss in the game.”

And I was just : ” Why? Why would I be the weak one? Not the final boss? ”

And then I realized that it’s true. The plant boss is one of the weakest in a lot of video games. And the strongest often has the fire/lava, crazy-eyed look with a plan to destroy the world. ┬áIf you don’t want destruction, fire or death, you ain’t a final boss. What do you think? Is there a game – more fantasy ones than any other style too – that doesn’t follow the typical bosses?