You know how I love cute things. Inside my head, there’s a little demon roaming around. It loves to destroy things. This game is a match made in heaven for both our likings!

The goal of the game? The mean Empire – why is it always the Empire or something like Imperials that are the evil ones? – controls the world and is repressing everyone’s freedom and love. Some of the cute anarchist wants to be free and they will do everything they can to make that a reality! Let’s RIOT!

Getting started

This game is made in a level layout style. It’s like a map where you go on a path and you must finish a level before being able to do the ones following. You start in Tokyo, where the first level is a tutorial to learn how to play. Once the country is liberated, you go on to do the same to the next one! I’m only on the second place that is Paris, only because I try to complete everything at 100%.

You start with this one animal, and you need to find and wake up other anarchist to join your crowd. They are scattered across the map so you need to keep an eye out for them! When starting a level, there are faces in the bottom of the page that are blacked out. In order to see them, you must find this specific crate that contains this species. There can be one or two inside a same level and it gives you more animals in your crowd.

The gameplay

In those level, you can attack the enemies, dodge, and do special moves when you have enough animals in your crowd. Those special move go from smashing enemies around you to destroying building to make enemies fall from them or rescue rioters stuck on them. It is most important you do so, because they will attack you to contain you and those on the top of building are not attainable in any other way. In order to win a level, you need to take control of the flags or area overrun by the guards and special units. You have little mission objectives that guides you in each level.

You get graded on each level you do and if you have the highest grading for every level in a country, you get special items. But don’t get mistaken : While this game is really cute, it’s actually pretty hard to get an S ranking in certain levels! They are graded in three categories : Time – How long it took to finish the level ; Crowd – How much anarchist you gathered to riot and are alive ; Ennemies – How much you defeated throughout the level.

Some of the levels are easy – like the first ones – and some are a little more tricky and will need more than one try to master it. The levels are not all identical too with killing the enemies and taking the flag. In some of them, you only have one rioter and you need to sneak pass the guards in order to destroy or take something. I say sneak past them because they are way stronger than you. And it’s hard. I almost rage quitted one level.

Inside those level you will see you go from capturing the flags to destroying comm towers to stop the spreading of the lies the Empire tells. This way they lose their grip on the place.

Final Thoughts

I really like this game. It’s cute and somewhat different that what I’m used to. Although it has a story, it is not story driven and the plot is quite easy so you can just pick up this game whenever.

Review : Positive!