I like harvest moon games. I love animals and cute stuff. One of my friend wouldn’t stop talking about Stardew valley. If I was to play a game where the the graphic were to bug me, I was going to add a little humph in it!

I will link some of the nexus pages, the others can be found here: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/how-to-fix-mods-broken-in-stardew-valley-1-2.132096/


More hairstyle

Adds some nicer hair to you character. Be careful though, because if you play with the makeshift multiplayer, your hair won’t appear to the other the way it does for you. Link


This mod, in my opinion, lets you enjoy more the game and what you can do into it. Let’s you make an hour in game last longer, you can stop time if needed etc. Link

Easier fishing

Because no fish is that hard, especially the more slow ones.

Get dressed

Because those ugly forced character are not cool. Lets you change your appearance when you want and changes a lot of things. Link

Loved label

Now you can see if you talked to your animals or not that day. Just hover over the animal. Link

Prices of items

Because it’s nice to know what prices things are, if you prefer to sell it or to give it as a gift to someone. Link

Stamina & health endurance

In life, if you do something often you should be better and stronger.

Simple crops label

You should know or remember what you planted. Link

Durable fences

Fences should outlive us, not break after 10 days.

Simple Sprinkler

Who would pay that much for sprinklers that don’t even work that good…

Cuter fatter cows

Because I love more cute and round cows.  Link

Elle’s barn and coop animal replacement

This mod makes a lot of the animals different on the farm, but you can choose which one you want! Have fun! Link

Better Ranching

Now you know when cows, goats, sheep have produce for you to take or not. Link

No soil decay

Because soil that undo itself in a matter of day is just creepy. Link

Event notification

It reminds you when it’s people’s birthday, when the travelling cart is there and if your machines are ready for you to harvest their work.

Makeshift Multiplayer

While waiting for the update of multiplayer, here is a fun and functional multiplayer experience! Not perfect, but it works pretty well. Link


Just for your knowledge, there is so much more mods out there that are awesome, but those are the ones I like most. A lot of them have the instruction on them so read them correctly! If you have any problem, go on chucklefish forum or on the discord! There will be a lot of updated mods on the forum, but the nexus should have some updated versions too!

If you want to find yourself mods, here is the nexus LINK