I am currently playing a lot of Zelda games, and because Breath of the wild is talked about so much I thought I would give love to older games. Also, I’m so done about spoilers. I chose to talk about the bubbliest Zelda, in my opinion, I’ve ever played.

Also, I will talk about both version of the game because it came out on the gamecube, and was released in HD for the WiiU. While I played both, I haven’t finished the WiiU version yet, so I will talk about what I heard for the end game (without spoiling anything as much as possible… but come one, it’s been so many years). So I will walk about some differences I noticed.

Let’s jump right into it!


Getting started

The title screen greets you with everything the game is : Bright colors, uplifting tune and happiness. It couldn’t show you what the game is about in a better way. Like some Zelda now, you have three save slates so more than one people can play this game at the same time! Yay! A little thing to know, once you finish the game once, you will be greeted with a different color save slate and some things in the “new game+” will be different! Discover them! (Or google them, I’m not your mom). To your controllers!

The game starts with the legend of the hero that once sealed Evil. After that fun story, a little girl screams your name and run towards a small watchtower. She finds you! Surprise it’s your sister! And it’s your birthday! You are a big boy now, same age as the hero of time! Long story short, everything goes bad. Real bad. You either know the story, or must play it because  I won’t spoil more than this! You are now, dressed with the hero’s clothing, a shield and a sword in hand, leaving your hometown to go rescue your sister.

The gameplay

Like every LoZ, you have a heart meter that is your life, heart meter that you can upgrade by finding heart pieces or even heart containers after boss battles. You also get a magic meter a little later in the game, that you can also upgrade.

Then you have the weapons like a bow or a hammer; Tools like the hookshot, the magic leaf and other stuff like that. You also have more items that can carry stuff like empty bottles and two different pouches: one for the baits, and one for monster loot. You get all those while on your adventure, so buckle up because some are really nice to have.

Oh, I almost forgot! The wind waker. You know, the item on what the game is named after? Yeah, it lets you control the wind in the direction you want… and other nice magical melodies.

So, there are bad guy you must vanquish in order to achieve your goal. The dungeons in which you go are long, fun for the most part and they have different atmospheres that makes it quite awesome. You have the main dungeons, and some smaller ones for side quests or loot.

And then you have a vast ocean to explore. Oh yeah right, in this game the land part is really the smaller part. You sail across a huge ocean to reach the next island where your challenge awaits. On the gamecube version, some of the ocean can be, in my opinion, a little long when you have to go from a side of the map to the other, but in the WiiU version, there is a fast sail that is harder to make sharp turns, but is really as fast as the wind.

There are a lot of puzzles, not too hard ones, and some annoying ones. The first real puzzle you face is Niko the pirate who will challenge you to a… jumping challenge! You can’t really jump, but if you run toward a ledge and Link will do an automatic jump. The jumping challenge is my bane, but it’s kind of fun still. – I got stuck on the second one for about more than an hour when I was younger-. The WiiU version has a little more fluent gameplay than his predecessor, so if you are used to the gamecube version beware!

The characters that appear in this game are heart warming and the different races you come across are cool. Don’t forget about the deku tree! The monsters are kind of cute too, even if they are really mean. What’s your favorite race and monster? I love the Rito and I find the chuus the funniest.


Comparing both versions

The WiiU version, as you may know, if an HD port of the gamecube version, so the colors are more vibrant -I didn’t know it was possible-. There’s also a couple of changes in the game. Like I said earlier, they added a sail to go faster on the sea, which you need to buy in the auction.

Do you remember the pictobox? Well, they tweaked it too, ranging from three pictures and a quest to upgrade it to the deluxe -which added colors to the camera!- to obtaining a deluxe from the start and 12 pictures. I liked the quest to upgrade your deluxe pictobox, but they left a little something for older fans too. But, with the 12 pictures it is so easier to full the little figurine displays. The figurines can be crafted all together, and in the WiiU version it only last for a day instead of three! It’s so quicker.

Finally, the other one I noticed, and that is big, are the triforce shards. They make the quest better by placing some of the shard instead of the sea chart to after find the shard. That is really a big upgrade because it doesn’t force you to sail across all the map, return to tingle to translate the 7 maps for so much money and then go look into the sea for the shard itself. I like that.


Final Thoughts

I really like this Zelda, and it is the favorite for a lot of people because of how different it is. The dungeons, the tools and weapons makes it really special and uplifting. If you want to have a good time, you really should think about trying this game!

Review: Positive! Play any of the two versions!