This review won’t be long, because this game is a short and sweet little game. I have this game on Steam on PC, and it was a bargain of a small game like this. When I say small, it is only 20Mb to download.

The gameplay

This game is a 2D game about a little farm you own. You start with a really small plot of land, that you will be able to upgrade to have bushes and trees. The gameplay is simple, you wait for the vegetables or fruits to grow, you collect them and then you buy more stuff to grow, etc etc. You can buy fertilizer to upgrade your food production and other upgrades.

All of this is layered so you can choose what layer you want to see: animals, vegetables, bushes and trees. It is a nice thing, because once you fill it up with vegetable, bushes, trees and animals, sometimes picking up fruits is hard.20170621122924_1.jpg

At one point in the game you can buy little helpers to help you pick up your labors. You have the blue characters that pick up. The scarecrow to scare birds and dogs, to scare the rest.

While you are growing your plants, there are pest that come to eat and scare your livestock. You can click on them to make them flee. There are rabbits that love carrots and other vegetables that needs to be scared away or else they eat everything. Crows that fly off with some vegetables if you don’t have a scarecrow. And wolves and foxes that scare your livestock if you don’t have a dog to protect them. The dog is useful to scare the rabbits too.


Final thoughts

If you like simplistic games that you go to once a day if you like, or once in a while this is the game for you. The graphics are cute and everything you are showed is easy to understand.

Review : Good little game to play once in a while