Where do I start with this game… Dragon age is a dark fantasy RPG. You must’ve heard the name before because I had, but I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea so it took years before I finally touched it. After hearing a lot of good comments about the game, I decided to jump into it to see what it was about and boy I was pleased.


Getting Started

Before starting the story, you need to choose your origin, because: Dragon age Origin. This game is absolutely awesome for this. There are three races from which to choose from: Elves, humans and dwarves. Also, you have three specializations: Rogue, Warrior or Mage. Although you can choose whatever you want, there are some lore restriction. For example: dwarves can’t be magicians, and yes it is explained why.

  • As a Mage, you’ll start at the Mage Circle tower, the place where mages live. This doesn’t depend on what race you are. In the game, mages are housed in a special tower.
  • As a Human Rogue or Warrior, you’ll be from a noble human home. You’ll have special dialogue option, as you are yourself a noble.
  • For the elves, there is two other beginning: the wood elves, called dalish, and the city elves. As a Dalish, you start in the forest with your clan and investigate a ruin of some sort. As a city elf, you live in the elven quarter and there is a problem in it.
  • For the dwarves, there is the noble and the commoner. You can start by being a prince or a commoner and you’ll be faced with different choices.

All those choices matter, because the beginning is different for each and the race you choose will make the NPC interact differently with you! As an elf, people may be rude to you because elves are considered lesser than humans. It’s not the kind of beginning that goes “You start in town x and you are a human/dwarf/elf but the story is the same and nothing change according to you.”. You really start in a different city and the origin story is unique for each. You get temporary companions for each too. This is something that makes me want to try every beginning to see how different they all are and afterward recognize the characters you encountered in the world. Because yes, even if you start as a mage, you will encounter key NPC from other origin story of the warrior without even knowing it!


The Story

Without going too much into the lore, because god knows it’s almost infinite, there is a kind of apocalypse called the Blight. It’s a kind of apocalypse that happens once in a while, and in those Blights there are darkspawns. They are… a race? Maybe not, but they are the equivalent of demons that come on earth to kill everything. At their head usually is a dragon, who was an old god.

You get enrolled in a faction called the Grey Wardens: their goal is to end blights and restore peace to the world. Now you are a Grey Warden, you go on a journey to recruit enough people to help you in the final battle against the Blight that is growing. Easy enough? You need the support of the different forces in Ferelden to fight all together.


The companions

Picture from the Dragon age: Origin Wiki

Through your adventure, you will encounter people who can join your immediate team. You have the choice to take them or refuse. They all have different personality and different ways in battle.

You have another Grey Warden named Alistair that is one of the first you encounter. He is an essential party member and can’t be sent away like the others. He likes to make sarcastic jokes and is a little naive. A wild sorceress named Morrigan. She is a mage that wasn’t raised in the tower. A lovely bard named Leliana. Her talents include being an archer and a supporter for the team with her singing. A drunken dwarf called Oghren who is a warrior. A Qunari soldier named Sten, he is also a warrior, but he focus more on pure strenght. An elf assassin named Zevran. He is an excellent rogue and a funny party member. Lastly there  is an enchanter named Wynn who is from the circle. She is the grand-mother figure in your party. You can have a DLC team member added called Shale, who is a stone golem that you must go get.

You can only use party member on the battlefield, so you must choose accordingly and wisely. You need at least a mage to heal your party, a thief to open locked chests and doors and warrior, to sponge out damage. Also, the members you choose will talk among each other once in a while, a little like in the mass effect series. Some are compatible and their banter is cute and funny, others outright dislike each other and their banter is more negative (this doesn’t change anything, it’s only fun to hear).


Dragon age: Origin is more of a strategy RPG, where you can stop time, look at the battlefield and choose what your characters will do. If you go head in without thinking, you will get wrecked. Or empty your potions.

On your adventure, you will grow as a character and you will find a lot of loot to upgrade yourself and your team members. Weapons for warriors, mages and rogues will come a plenty: gear, potions and crafting material will drop from enemies or can be bought from shops in town or at your camp. Be prepared, because the enemies will be tough and they will give you trouble. Except if you play at casual, then it’s going to be quite easy and relaxing.

Also, because it is an RPG you will have stories and choices to be made


Final thought

I didn’t think I’d love this game this much and I really like how the world is so well made with it’s lore and all your companions are different in their own way. They will like or dislike stuff you do depending on what they believe. You also get choices that matters throughout the game that will affect things in this game and in others.

Review: Positive. Try this game! With mods or at a easier difficulty if you must, but this is an awesome start at an awesome trilogy!