I love building games. This one is the first of it’s kind I played and it gave me a hard time at first. Nevertheless, I had a blast while I was playing this game.

Getting started

You start in the menu screen with some options. There are mods who adds awesome gameplay elements and replayability, game settings etc. Clicking on new game will open another small menu where you will choose the difficulty of you game – from easy to hard, if you start with less resources or more-, the seed of the world – because it is randomly generated -, the type of the map that controls : more grass? More mountains? More water? The choice is yours.

The gameplay

Now the gameplay. The main element is to not make your villagers die. And it seems easy said like that, but trust me when I tell you it’s not. I don’t understand why, but you could go 5 years in game without any problem and one day, have no more food, people starving and your save game ruined. Mods helps to balance everything, so you will lose only if you are not careful and for me that’s a plus.

Second element is making homes and other buildings for them to work in or live in. Because the families will make babies, you will need to lookout for how many houses you need. Buildings go from small houses, to school to workshops. Farms where vegetable will grow are important – or not depending on how you want to play it- because they will provide a nice amount of food resources. There are animals to tend too, and depending on the animal they will provide different material: Cow will give meat and milk (with a mod), chicken eggs and meat and sheep wool and meat. The best one is sheep by far if you want to have better equipment such as hot clothing for winter.

Depending on your difficulty setting, you will either start with an already small existing town with food, animals and tools; at medium difficulty you will start with a town with almost nothing having less resources;  And on hard , you have nothing. It doesn’t really matter what you choose, you will need a barn to store food and everything crafted like clothing and tools, and a stockpile for building materials such as wood, rocks and iron.

Every building will need a different amount of material, and you better watch this carefully because throughout the year, your workers will maybe do other things than collecting those. They are the ones bringing materials to the house that needs building, and without those resources, the builder won’t be able to do a lot. In the winter, the farmers who have nothing to do, are workers so winter helps to get things done.

Workers are the base of your town. They chop wood for logs, mine rocks on the plain, brings materials to builders and much more. Then you have the builders, who… build stuff… Farmers will farm, shepherds will tend animals, blacksmith will make tools, tailor will make clothes etc etc. Explore, play the game there are more jobs to choose from! The job is not limited either. You don’t need your tailor anymore but you need a teacher? Switch them. Remember that if they are doing their job for a long time, they are better than just switching for someone new.

Another gameplay element is that your town will populate. For every couple in age of procreating, there will be a baby. They will only have children if there is place in the house. So, if you intend on extending your town, think ahead and build more houses. It takes times for kids to grow, so try and think about it beforehand because you can’t rush it too much. There is the education factor too. If you choose to build a school, it will take even more time for you kids, now teenagers, to become adults but the gain that school gives is really worth it: they will be educated so they work better and learn faster. You will need to choose if you prefer having more laborers quickly because you really need them or wait while they are in school and get better laborer because you are in no rush. Choose accordingly!

The goal of the game is not really shown. It’s more of a : play this game if you feel like managing a town and you have time. Some mods help with having a more fun experience, some even add buildings and evolution!


Final Thoughts

This game is fun, and you will not see time go by if you like building-type games. The graphics are simple and I find that simplistic aspect nice. It does what it says it does and you will play years in game without noticing it. There are so many things to do and so many ways to play that you can give yourself challenges to try and play it differently, like for instance not using fisherman or farms.

Although I really like it, the game’s price is still close to 20$ and personally I think that it’s a little too much. My main reason for saying that its replayability is so so (without mods) and once you’ve played for a while, that your town is big and you don’t know where to go from there, you will know that it’s really all the game has to offer. There’s no secret buildings, industrial revolution etc. So, if you ever see it on sale – for under 10$ – don’t hesitate and try it! If I can remember correctly, it’s a one dev game too, a little like Stardew valley and it was also a good game. Show some love and try it!

Review : Positive! With mods it’s even more fun!