Getting started

What can I say more that has been said in the first one… If you let the intro video play, you will see yet another story told by Marcus. This will introduce the characters from the second entry in the serie. Having finished the first one only a few months ago, I’m loving this incredibly fun and sometime stupid franchise. To my pleasure, there are three games total, one in the making and here’s the second one. Lets get messy, once again.

Where do I start

A little like in the first one, the title screen isn’t static and you can see claptrap roaming and goofing around. Once you’ve created your first character, it will stand on the edge of the cliff, gun on its back. The character that will be there depends on the one you are currently playing as. So have fun to see more than one and more than a style.

For my first playthrough, I went – no doubt – with Maya, the Siren. My bf went with the DLC character, the Psycho. Wondering why we chose this combo? It’s only because of how Krieg – the Psycho – and the Siren interact in his introduction video. I wanted to play a second character afterwards, and we went with a Gaige & Axton deadly combo.

The Characters

All those to choose from

The character I chose is Maya, the Siren. She has a different power than Lilith has. She can phaselock enemies in the air. I rather love her ability, as it helps to control enemies or just do massive damage to the bigger ones. This antigravitational orb lets you, or your teammates shot the enemy too.

Second character that I can talk about is Krieg. This character is hilarious as he spews nonsense all the time. How can I put it… HE TALKS LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME!! WHILE SAYING THAT HE HAS THE SHINIEST MEAT BICYCLE!! You get the concept? He also specialize in melee attacks. He wrecks stuff like no other character. All of his character is this intense, even the name of his customisation colours. You should look at it.

Third chracater that I can talk about is another character from a DLC, Gaige. She is the mecromancer and her ability is to spawn her own deathtrap. Like claptraps big and buffed up brother. Her speciality is chaos. No no really, one of her branch is dedicated in chaotic behaviour. While it’s hard to aim, she’s a living turret. I preferred her as a sniper for some reason so, eh. Fight me.

I’ll be a little bit more brief for the remaining characters. The Gunzerker is like a maniac dwarf, with his ability being spawning a clone to your gun and having his ammo recharge fully. Next you have axton, the bad soldier type, who like Roland has a turret. Lastly there is Zero…. And I’ll be frank I have no idea what it does. I’ve never played it.

Each character has its own leveling tree, with different perks and names. One branch is for booster damage – it’s usually the red one -. This tree is for example, boosting elemental damage, creating novas and that sort of things; one to boost health or team abilities – usually it’s the blue one-. For example, my siren can shoot people to heal them or even, when an enemy is killed while phaselocked it can spawn orbs of life; and lastly there’s the skill branch where your ability is booster – and this branch is the green one-. For example, for my siren it gives me more time to phaselock an enemy, makes it a singularity etc.

The story

You are still a Vault Hunter, but you are here after you received a call from Handsome Jack to help with the search of a Vault. Spoiler alert, he tries to kill you in the first minute of the cutscene. The train you were on was rigged and full of mechs. You get thrown on a glacier , left for dead. Surprise surprise, you get “rescued” by the last claptrap known to men. So, after I should say 2 seconds of pondering you decide that Jack needs to pay for trying to kill you, and with the help of Claptrap you will maybe succeed.

The Gameplay

Borderlands 2 2017.09.13 -

It’s a FPS like the first game. You will change your guns a lot, as it being a lootfest game. Don’t get too attached. You will fight a lot, and I mean a LOT of stuff on this planet. Be ready, because the game won’t sugar coat you. The way you advance is by taking and completing quest. For the leveling you kill stuff and complete quest.

Depending on your character choice, some guns will be more advantageous than others, but not like in the first one. It’s more of a skill tree progression. Some help gun types, some help guns with no elements on them. There’s no wrong way to build a character. And while you place points in the tree, they are not permanently placed. If you don’t like how your character is tweaked, you can go to a New you station and reset your points. This way you can try another way of building it until you find the right way for you and the character you chose to have fun!

There are still machines like in the first games: health, bullets and guns. In the Torgue DLC, there are Torgue machine instead of gun machines. Quite funny. In the Dragonkeep DLC, they are made more medieval.

You also have upgradable stock, like in the first one. This time you collect eridium to give to Crazy earl in exchange of updrades for your guns, grenades and backpack, This is a pretty neat way to see your progress along the game.

Final Thoughts

I played this game with and without a coop partner. While it’s really fun and satisfying, playing alone is less fun than with a friend. A lan party is the best option I’ve experienced too. This game is fast paced, a little bit stupid but a lot of fun for those who like RPG FPS. The characters are really funny and nice and the main villain is really something. It’s hard not to hate him. I hate him. It’s fun to mess with his plans. Go for it.


Review : Positive! Play with a friend!