I usually don’t play mobile game. I hate that my phone dies because I want to play a nice game but it isn’t on another platform. Also, I just hate pay to play or pay to win. I’m willing to pay money for a game -not a mobile game, but a console or PC game -, but I hate when I need to pay more because some dev thought it could be nice to put a wall that wasn’t climbable if you didn’t pay.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind F2P (free to play) games having micro-transactions. How can they make money if not? I fully understand. I just don’t like games that cost money to ask more money for no good reason. For example, Hyrule Warrior has DLC, but the roaster of character is already big! So it’s awesome to have an even bigger choice for 5$.

That’s why, when I saw this game on my Twitter feed and the comments on that picture said that this game was nice to F2P players I was intrigued. My curiosity was ticked and I had to downloaded that small game to see if it was as nice and fun.

First of all, its a Korean game, so some stuff may be weird for us. Like kawaii girls being your pet. Also, I find it a lot like Pokemon, in a sense that you capture Mons (the name of the pets, short for Monster) and you make them fight. Mons can also evolve and level up. There are elements like: Fire, Water, Grass, Light and Dark. Those element all have a weakness and a resistance. Light and dark are two sides, but for the normal elements you get the concept.

23379353_10159474095925526_421542938_oThe main goal is to train and evolve your mons to be able to do dungeons and capture more rare mons etc etc. They need special stones to evolve or ascend (make their star level higher).

A little thing I find annoying is that when you are in a stage, you only have 3 attempt to catch a mon. Those 3 attempt are for the level you are on -often 2 to 4 round long- and so if you fail to catch a mon 3 times, you are done catching mon for the entire run left. Those pods refill at the beginning of another stage if you have the auto-refill on. I would have loved if we could upgrade the capacity or something, but its not doable. Of course, certain things are annoying like I just mentioned- or just plain bad, but if its small things against nice rewarding thing, I can live with them. At least, you can upgrade your gun’s catch rate by buying them with in-game money.

23379746_10159474092790526_1174418652_oIts a cute game, and if you play with a charger near, it can be really fun! I say with a charger, because it will drain the hell out of you battery. There’s a lot of challenges and a lot of ways to gain energy, gems and such. Just for the lolz, I have a max of 41 energy, and my bar is at 551/41. Yup, you read right. Sometimes you get loads for completing quests, so its a plus for me. I hate having to stop playing a game because I’m out of energy, and then not having the time to play it the next day and my energy stays full. This game know that you want to play and give you that fun.

At first money is a little bit more difficult to come by, but the more you play, the more you make and it really isn’t that bad because you make more further down the road. Of course, certain things are annoying, but what game doesn’t have those? And if its small annoying things vs nice rewarding things, I can live with them.

In this game, paying real life money doesn’t feel forced, it is more of a luxury. I love that about that mobile game and its the reason why I wanted to talk about it here.

If you ever want to play it or you are playing it, I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the game!