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Because food is comforting. Nom nom.

Fancy Pear

A simple, quite good dessert!


Honey Mustard Chicken

Don't have the time for cooking a long supper? Here's the perfect recipe for you!!

Strawberry no bake cheesecake

A quick and delicious cheesecake!

Kraft light dip / Trempette Kraft légère

A really nice dip that is delicious!

Food Talk : Avocados

Food talk : Avocado. A little thought on food.

Dauphinoise Potatoes

A nice potato recipe!

Caramel cone/ Cornet au caramel

Sweet and delicious treat for christmas!

Cauliflower bites / Bouchée de chou-fleur

Small cauliflower bites that taste so good!

Crepe mix/ Mélange à Crêpe

A little recipe that is really easy to make and so good!

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