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Where I post my personal opinion on the subject decided. I would like to have your’s too!

My Top Women in Video Games

Because it's international's women day, I thought of awesome women in video games!


Top games of 2017

The games I liked to play in 2017.

My top 10 Playstation 2 games

My top 10 of my favorite Playstation 2 games.

Zelda Month : Creepy monsters [Spoilers]

[SPOILER] Don't click if you've never finish the later zelda games! Here's my top 10 of creepy enemies!

My top 10 Playstation 1 games – part 2

Part 2 of my top 10 with honorable mentions 🙂

My top 10 Playstation 1 games – part 1

My top 10 Ps1 games - from 10 to 6 !

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