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Borderlands 1 Review

My review on Borderlands 1! A bandit filled journey.

Strawberry no bake cheesecake

A quick and delicious cheesecake!

Finishing Games, A journey

A little article about the games I want to finish this year!

Kraft light dip / Trempette Kraft légère

A really nice dip that is delicious!

Late Night Thought: Breath of the Wild

A little thought on the little annoucement.

Late night thought : SSE challenge

Hello there! Another late night thought for you. Since Skyrim special Edition came out I’ve switched to it – I still have the normal one installed, because… you know, I still love it-. I created, last month I think, my... Continue Reading →

Food Talk : Avocados

Food talk : Avocado. A little thought on food.

Dauphinoise Potatoes

A nice potato recipe!

Top games I played in 2016

My top 5 games I liked playing in 2016! 🙂

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