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Top games of 2017

The games I liked to play in 2017.


Late Night Thoughts : I finished it

One of my hardest things to finish. Skyrim.

Late Night Thoughts: Video games and holidays

Nice memories from the holidays.

Bad games I tried in 2017

Bad games I tried in 2017... Don't tell me you haven't had a bad game!

Homemade Garlic & Mushroom soup

Because I just love good mushroom soup!

Another year of finishing games

The games I finished this year.

Late Night Thought : Returning to the Valley

Returning to the Valley, a little thought.

Zelda Month : Favorite Females

My most liked females in the franchise, starting from Wind waker.

Monster Super League App Thought

I don't usually talk about mobile game, but this pokemon-like game is fun.

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