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Video Games

Discover so many worlds. So many games. Awesome hobby.

AER Memories of old Review

Exploring islands in the sky, flying to your next destination, or just to another island, this game offers a nice short escape.


Dragon Age 2 Review

A dragon age 2 review

My Top Women in Video Games

Because it's international's women day, I thought of awesome women in video games!

Late Night Thoughts: Andromeda

A little thoughts on a game that was a little bit hated on.

Top merchants in video games

My top 5 of merchants in video games!

Late night thoughts: Moonmirth

A small game feature that caught my attention!

Top games of 2017

The games I liked to play in 2017.

Late Night Thoughts : I finished it

One of my hardest things to finish. Skyrim.

Bad games I tried in 2017

Bad games I tried in 2017... Don't tell me you haven't had a bad game!

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