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Video Games

Discover so many worlds. So many games. Awesome hobby.

Banished Review

Feel like managing a town and resources? This game might be for you!


Dragon age: Origin Review

Will you embark on this perilous journey?

Late night thought : Ooblets

Ooblets! The hype!

Plantera Review

A little review for a little game!

Stardew Valley : my Go-To mods

My Go-to mods!

The legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

A journey for a little hero.

Anarcute Review

Come and join the rebels in this cute review!

Late night thought : Final bosses and lava

A small thought on bosses.

Top 5 Chilliest songs! – Coop

It’s winter and I know we are all tired of it. But! I thought it would be fun to listen to some of the songs that winter inspired for the gaming soundtracks! You know, that small portion of the game... Continue Reading →

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