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Dad’s best burger

If you want to make your burger a little bit extra, I recommend you try this recipe!


Broccoli & Cauliflower Casserole

Something so easy and so good. Full of vegetable and can go with a lot of things!

AER Memories of old Review

Exploring islands in the sky, flying to your next destination, or just to another island, this game offers a nice short escape.

Salmon tartare/ Tartare de saumon

A really good recipe if you like something simple!

Dragon Age 2 Review

A dragon age 2 review

My Top Women in Video Games

Because it's international's women day, I thought of awesome women in video games!

Late Night Thoughts: Andromeda

A little thoughts on a game that was a little bit hated on.

Top merchants in video games

My top 5 of merchants in video games!

Late night thoughts: Moonmirth

A small game feature that caught my attention!

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